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There is a small volume discount within each quill category.
Please remember you are ordering "PAIRS" of floats. 

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volume discounts
volume discounts

A few words about our 
Porcupine Quill Bobbers


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Two Most Common Rigging Methods

The benefit of a quill float is not just the sensitivity, but the lack of resistance when a fish takes the bait. They can drag a quill float behind them all day and not realize it, so you have far fewer dropped baits.

Our "large" floats are made from 6 to 8 inch quills.  They all get shortened slightly during construction. 
The top of the float is not the "sharp" end, but they still come to a point and are not suitable for anyone to play or get careless with.  If they're intended for use by unsupervised youngsters, I recommend our "blunts."  Our blunts are simply cut off and sealed to eliminate the point at the top. Some folks prefer them if they intend to carry them in a pocket, or if they're equipping the youngsters' tackle box and have safety concerns. These can  take a day or two longer to ship if we are making them when you order.  The paint/top sealer takes a day or two to dry, but I try to keep a stock to fill orders immediately.

Because many trout fisherfolk prefer NOT to have a bright red tip on the regular quill, we leave them natural.  A dab of nail polish will cure that for those of you who like the bright colored cap.  We figured it's easier to add it than it is to remove it....

Lastly, I provide a little rubber band with each of the floats even though many folks don't use them.  Since the bands are sold in bulk, it seemed easier for me to keep a few hundred in stock for production than for folks to have to buy a few hundred just for their tackle box.  If you're interested in some spares, I've made them available in little packs of ten, so when the sun dries them out, or old bucketmouth does a suprise attack on your bait and rips the elastic clear off, you can have a spare or two on hand. 

Lastly, each float is hand constructed, and I take care to ensure each one is well built.  If you have a problem with shipping damage or a defect in materials or construction, please let me know immediately.  Occassionally, floats will arrive here that are split or brittle, and we try to catch all the defects before or during assembly.  If you have a problem with any of the floats, please contact me.  I check each before it ships, but I'm not perfect, so....... . 

How Many?
Mini rubber bands

All float orders ship for flat 2.10. 

!****       PLEASE NOTICE:  I CANNOT SHIP THE FLOATS OUTSIDE THE U.S.  Permits and procedures make it financially impossible.      ****!   Home of the Porcupine Quill Floats